9 Of History’s Most Chilling Mummies, From A 2,000-Year-Old Woman With Blood Still In Her Veins To A Bronze Age Bride

The ancient Egyptians are perhaps the most famous group of people who used mummies to preserve the dead. They placed the bandaged bodies of the rulers in elaborate tombs along with items that the deceased were said to have wished for the afterlife.

But while Egyptian mummies are undoubtedly the most fascinating examples of mummification on Earth, they are not the only examples of ancient embalming and preservation. Nor are they the oldest.

In fact, some mummies found in present-day Chile and Peru predate Egyptian mummies by centuries. Of course, there were even younger mummies, some of which were naturally preserved.

From Ötzi the Iceman to the “Screaming” mummy in Guanajuato, these are some of the best-preserved mummies in the world.

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