The Völva’s Apprentice

I had heard tales of women with secret knowledge and powers, but I never imagined that there would be one standing right in front of me.

“You’re a Völva?” the word rolled off my tongue strangely…

I only knew faintly what a Völva was. They were said to be strange women with strange powers. Not only could they protect and ward against ill omens, but they could also travel the realms and reach into places untapped by most humans. As such, they were often spoken of in whispers of both reverence and mystery.

“Yes, I am. And an old one at that,” she said, getting up from her chair.

It seemed so casual as if she was just talking about a mindless chore that she was doing. Like it was nothing special that she had just performed some form of magic right in front of me.

For two years, I learned everything I could on runes, protections, herbs, medicines, and anything else that Dagmar deemed necessary. In the few moments I had that were not dedicated to lessons from Dagmar, I would seek out Ivar for his quiet presence. There was just something about being near him that set my mind at ease.

All that consumed my thoughts was avengement and how close Ulrik was. Soon he would taste the bitter sting of defeat.

In the realms of Norse Mythology, a girl sets out to avenge her village only to meet a powerful teacher on her journey into the abyss of forbidden knowledge.