In the realms of Norse Mythology

Welcome, Last chance! This week is a new free book launch, “The Völva’s Apprentice” In the realms of Norse Mythology, a girl sets out to avenge her village only to meet a powerful teacher on her journey into the abyss of forbidden knowledge. Click here to download your FREE Copy And here is the […]

Tales of women with secret knowledge and powers

Hey there! As a subscriber we wish to introduce our new book “The Völva’s Apprentice” – currently free. I had heard tales of women with secret knowledge and powers, but I never imagined that there would be one standing right in front of me. “You’re a Völva?” the word rolled off my tongue strangely… Click […]

Witchcraft in the times of henry viii and beyond

Witchcraft in the times of henry viii and beyond Years before Henry acceded to the throne, Pope Innocent VIII had decreed in a papal bull document of 1484 that ‘sorceresses were real and harmful through their involvement in the acts of Satan’ Unlike growing paranoia over witchcraft and the practising of it on the continent, […]

Prehistoric human skeleton found in cave that flooded 8,000 years ago

Prehistoric human skeleton found in Mexican cave flooded at end of last ice age Cave-diving archaeologists found a prehistoric human skeleton inside a Mexican cave off the country’s Caribbean coast We don’t know if the body was deposited there or if that was where this person died, said cave-diving archaeologist Octavio Del Rio REF:, […]

Native American: The Haida People of the Pacific Northwest

Traditionally, many distinct Nations occupied the Pacific Coast on the mainland and the many small islands around it. Despite having different cultures and languages, these Indigenous Nations shared at least one powerful resource in common: the ocean. The ocean defined the way of life for the traditional occupants of these beautiful territories. The People of […]

Native American History: The Zapotecs and European Contact

Unfortunately for the Indigenous Peoples of Mesoamerica, it was the Spaniards who first explored the area with the intent to discover and colonize. The Spaniards had a less diplomatic approach to colonization than the French and English did in the same era. Whereas the French and English initially sought to trade with and learn from […]

Native American History: The Bering Land Bridge Theory

Perhaps you are familiar with the Bering Land Bridge theory of how humans first migrated from Asia to the Americas. Until a few short years ago, when paleontologists discovered new artifacts, it was commonly believed and taught that humans first made their way to North America by following and hunting big game animals across a […]