Charles Osborne, The Man Who Hiccuped Nonstop For 68 Years

Everyone experiences hiccups at some point in their lives. Involuntary diaphragm contractions can even begin in the womb. But few people experience hiccups that last days, months, or years. However, Charles Osborne has been hiccupping for decades.

In 1922, Iowa man started swallowing – and he didn’t stop in 68 years.

Over the years, Osborn has done everything possible to get out of his annoying situation. He even resorted to experimental hormone therapy, but apparently nothing cured him.

But one day in 1990, when Osborn was 96, his hiccups suddenly stopped. He died just a year later, and doctors never knew exactly what caused his lifelong victimization.

After 56 years of hiccups, Osborne said: “I’d give anything in the world to get rid of them.”


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