Comparing Godly and Satanic Happiness in John Milton's Paradise Lost - History Brought Alive
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Comparing Godly and Satanic Happiness in John Milton’s Paradise Lost

To modern readers, the essence of the satanic argument quoted above is familiar, as it sounds like a summary of our shared motivation for living together.

Satan’s argument is based on the seemingly modern idea that humans are entitled to infinite happiness. A claim driven by unending upheaval that calls for a cure that can only be achieved through the chimeric perfection of humans.

On the one hand, one’s ability to reason appears as a function of the liberty to which every human being is entitled under Milton’s God; however, this ability to reason must operate within the confines of God-ordained beliefs, so that in man’s pursuit of a As an illusory form of perfection that promises happiness, the human essence is limited but lingering.

After such questioning, we conclude that Satan, the chief detractor of God, seems to have a better understanding of the restless and disobedient nature of man than Milton’s prescriptive and hierarchical nature of God.


PIC: Guilherme Paiva Seidel-Medium, UCL, New Statesman, TV Tropes