Discover a wealth of Japanese cultural history, mythology and more


Last chance! This week is a new free audiobook launch, “Japanese History”

Inside you will discover:

  • Samurai – Who were they, their code + why does their legacy last to this day
  • The Evolution of Buddhism in Japan & Spiritual Insights
  • Classical Japan (Nara and Heian Periods) & Other Famous Periods
  • Famous Castles – Nagashino Castle, Inabayama Castle & Warrior Monks!
  • A Dark Chapter, Japan, and the Axis Powers in World War 2
  • The Curse of Masakado & The Haunted Grave of a Samurai’s Head in Tokyo
  • The Genpei War – The Rise of The Samurai & Battles with Mongol Invasions
  • Colorful Myths & Legends – learn these to truly understand the Japanese people & their culture

And much, much more…

Whether you’re a history enthusiast or just a curious reader..inside you will discover a wealth of Japanese cultural history, mythology, and more.

So if you want to find out more about Japanese History then this is The Audio Book for You

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