In 700 AD, a tribe of warriors left their homeland and struck out for glory & conquest…


As a subscriber of HBA we wish to introduce you to our new book launch, The Vikings: Who Were The Vikings? 

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In this book you will discover;

  • Common Misunderstandings About The Vikings
  • The Viking Diet – Discover The Energy Source Of The Epic Warriors
  • Runestones – Meanings & Opening a Gateway to Ancient Viking Civilization
  • Famous Battles including The Legendary Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066
  • Language of The Vikings – Old Norse Language Throughout History
  • Viking Longships – How The Norsemen Ruled the Waves
  • Traditions, Culture & Rituals – Births, Weddings & The Complex Way The Viking’s Responded to Death
  • Viking Gods & Goddesses – Loki The Trickster, Thor God of Thunder & More
  • What Happened to The Vikings & Why did They Disappear?

And much, much more.

The Viking era may have ended, but their legacy lives on.

And if you want to find out more about The Vikings then this is The Book for You

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