Inside The Legend Of The Banshee, The Most Chilling Spirit In Celtic Folklore

A banshee is often described as a crying or singing woman who, according to old Irish mythology, always heralds death.

This spirit of Celtic folklore has terrorized young and old for centuries, long before the Banshee hit the screen in the 1950s. Like the Grim Reaper, the Banshee is considered an escort to the land of the dead, but this nightmarish spirit is much more than what it appears on the surface.

According to Irish folklore, the Bean Sídhe or “Woman from a Fairy Tale World” would make a deafening scream. Fairies are said to warn of impending doom, a harbinger of death.

There is a story of an old man who was dying when he knocked on the door. When a young girl answered, she heard moans and was said to have seen an elderly woman in white weeping. The man died later that night.

Whether real or imagined, stories about banshees relate to our most basic fears of death and loss of a loved one.


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