Inside The Terrifying Legend Of The Aswang, The Shapeshifting Filipino Monster That Devours Human Guts And Fetuses

According to centuries-old Filipino folklore, the aswang combines the most terrifying traits of vampires, were-beasts, and witches into a single monster that inspires unparalleled fear to this day.

Not knowing whether or not danger is lurking around the corner can debilitating, and the aswang combines the uncertainty of a shapeshifter with the worst traits of vampires and werewolves — making the monster the most feared in all Filipino folklore.

The trickiest thing about an aswang is that it allegedly disguises itself as a human during the day. It goes about among humans and picks out its victims to hunt at night.

The night is their strongest time — when aswangs gain their superhuman strength. The night is reportedly also the time of day when they can shapeshift and change the appearance of other objects to trick humans.

Whether a story to control people or a monster to be feared, the Aswang is something truly something out of humanity’s darkest nightmares.


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