It was Odin himself, the wisest God who unlocked the universe’s most powerful magic.

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We wish to introduce you to our new book “Norse Magic & Runes” 

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Inside you will discover:

  • Stunningly Elaborate Mythologies, Stories & Folktales
  • The Nine Realms of Norse Cosmology
  • Old Norse Magic, Including The Magic Arts of: Seiðr, Spá and Galdr
  • The Source of Norse Mythology, The Poetic Edda or ‘Royal Book’.
  • Runes, Symbols, Divination, Sacred Numbers, Casting, Elder Futhark & The Powers They Wield
  • Gods & Realms – Including Loki, Odin, Thor God of Thunder & More
  • Virtues and Values From The Vikings – Honor, Courage, Trust & More

And much, much more…

Whether you are simply hungry for the history and mythology of the Norse, or you are beginning to master the magic arts, then you will receive valuable information from this precious book.

So without any further ado, Read This Book

Currently just 0.99 cents (ends 11 September)

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3 thoughts on “It was Odin himself, the wisest God who unlocked the universe’s most powerful magic.”

  1. Sara Maria Prescott


    I hope you are well. I didn’t know how to find/contact you through the Urban Writers platform, but my name is Sara Prescott (pen name: Natalie Violet) and I was the editor for your manuscript, Norse Mythology For Kids, alongside your ghostwriter, Rebecca Tarun. I recently got a job offer at Scholastic as an editor for a children’s magazine and the recruiter is requiring an editing sample, preferably for children’s content. I was wondering if I could use your Norse Mythology For Kids document in this manner as my editing example. This would be strictly used for this purpose only, and I will make very clear that you are the writer. The employer just needs an example of something I edited. If you could be of any assistance, I would greatly appreciate it. Nonetheless, I thank you for your time. Hope you have a good week!

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