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Magic, Monsters & Mythical Creatures


Last chance! This week is a new free Audiobook launch,  “Egyptian Mythology For Kids”

Here is a small peek inside of what you will discover:

  • – Geography – from The Mountains, Deserts, and Seas to The Nile & Beyond
  • – Learn About The Many Different Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt
  • – Magic, Monsters & Mythical Creatures
  • – Stories & Myths including – The Myth of Creation, Isis & the Seven Scorpions, The Girl With the Rose Red Slippers + Many More
  • – Technology & Inventions – The First Toothpaste & Toothbrush, Breath Mints, The First Clock + More
  • – Pharaohs – Tutankhamun (The most Famous Pharaoh), Cleopatra (The Beautiful Last Ruler) + Many more
  • – Pyramids – The Mysteries & Facts Unearthed

And much, much more….

Begin your adventure now!

Enter into a world of Egyptian Mythology & History for Kids with This Audio Book.

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