One Of The Last Links To The Nazis’ Inner Circle Dies At 106

One of the last survivors of the Nazi inner circle, Brunhilde Poncell died at her home in Munich on Friday at the age of 106, the only survivor of Hitler’s last days of madness in a Berlin bunker.

Goebbels commissioned Poncell to serve as his private secretary from 1942 to 1945, dictating while Poncell transcribed his words into working papers, letters, diaries, and more. When the war finally ended, Poncell was in Berlin’s bunker, which temporarily housed the Nazis, including Goebbels and Hitler, who both committed suicide.

When the Russians came, Poncell admitted that he worked in the propaganda department and thus served five years in a Russian prison concentration camp near Berlin. After her release, she worked in radio, never married, and spent the rest of her life in Munich.


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