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Native American History for Kids

Native American History for Kids


Attention parents, teachers,….and kids!

Are you looking for an engaging and educational book to teach your children about the rich history and culture of the Native Indigenous Americans?

Well look no further than “Native American History for Kids.”

Through a collection of stories, readers will be transported to a different time and place, where they will learn from generations of Native Americans.

Although this book is more than just a collection of stories…

You will also learn about the different Native American tribes and their traditional ways of life. Including their hunting and gathering practices, beliefs, customs, and the important role that storytelling has played in their communities.

All this and much more including

  • Boost your child’s reading, character, and cultural knowledge
  • Learn all about Native American tribes, their history, culture & traditions
  • Scary ghosts, sacred spirits & the afterlife in Native American folklore
  • The amazing ways Native Americans hunted for food and snacks to survive
  • “Arctic Adventures” – Discover The “Cool” Yupik People of Alaska!
  • Meet three famous Native Americans – Pocahontas, Sacagawea & Sitting Bull (and many more!)
  • Get Active with Native American games & sports, inc – Lacrosse, Shinny, Stickball and more
  • Discover the beauty of Native American Arts, Crafts, Pottery & Earthenware

And much, much more

Introduce your kids to the amazing history and culture of Native Indigenous Americans!

Get “Native American History for Kids” today!