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Norse Mythology, Vikings, Magic & Runes

Norse Mythology, Vikings, Magic & Runes


Join us on a discovery to the Marvels, Magic, Runes & Wonders of Norse Mythology, and learn from one of the most interesting civilizations ever known – The Vikings.

Included in this Captivating 3 Book Collection are:

  • Norse Mythology Captivating Stories & Timeless Tales of Norse Folklore. The Myths, Sagas & Legends of the Gods, Immortals, Magical Creatures, Vikings & More
  • The Vikings: Who Were The Vikings? Enter The Viking Age & Discover The Facts, Sagas, Norse Mythology, Legends, Battles & More
  • Norse Magic & Runes: A Guide To The Magic, Rituals, Spells & Meanings of Norse Magick, Mythology & Reading The Elder Futhark Runes

The Tales are Epic, The Battles are Fierce & The Drama is Plentiful! 

As you journey through this book collection, we will help you peel back the layers of history that surround these fascinating stories to take a peek at the myths, beliefs, customs, and traditions as they actually were.

Also in this book you will find:

Norse Magic & Runes: A Guide To The Magic, Rituals, Spells & Meanings of Norse Magick, Mythology & Reading The Elder Futhark Runes

Nowadays, Runes & Norse Magic are used as a method of connecting to one’s higher self. Or as a way of foretelling what the future may hold. Now don’t worry because you don’t have to be of Norse ancestry to use them. However you’ll have a far better understanding of their history, mythology, meanings and more through reading this book.

All This & Much More In This 3 Book Collection, including:

  • Stunningly Elaborate Mythologies, Stories & Folktales
  • Famous Viking Battles including The Legendary Battle of Stamford Bridge
  • Runes, Symbols, Divination, Sacred Numbers, Casting, Elder Futhark & The Powers They Wield
  • Old Norse Magic, Including The Magic Arts of: Seiðr, Spá and Galdr
  • Gods & Goddesses – Loki The Trickster, Thor God of Thunder & More
  • What Happened to The Vikings & Why did They Disappear?
  • How Norse Mythology Influenced Modern Pop Culture – Marvel, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Viking Metal & More
  • The Source of Norse Mythology, The Poetic Edda or ‘Royal Book’.
  • Virtues and Values From The Vikings – Honor, Courage, Trust & More

And much, much more..

Whether you are simply hungry for the history and mythology of the Norse and The Vikings, or if you are beginning to master the magic arts, then you will receive valuable information from this precious book collection.

So without any further ado, Read This Book