Norse Paganism for Beginners - History Brought Alive
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Norse Paganism for Beginners

Norse Paganism for Beginners


Discover The History, Mythology & Practices of Norse Paganism

Let us take you back in time. When the Norse people lived in an enchanted and sacred world. A time famously shrouded in mystery, magic and witchcraft.

Norse Paganism has survived the centuries, the rise and fall of empires, and the introduction of new religions.

More than just a religion, it is also a way of life to help one lead a fulfilling existence…and every person, no matter their race, religion, or culture is welcome.

History Brought Alive provides you with a single credible source detailing Norse Paganism, its history, beliefs, people, and what it looks like in our modern world. This book has been written using a variety of scholarly articles and books containing translations of the few existing original texts of the Norse people.

You will walk away from this book with an accurate and detailed knowledge, allowing you to determine the historical truth portrayed in the media and decide what Norse Pagan pathway suits your lifestyle.

Inside this book you will discover

  • Norse Pagan Beliefs, Practices & Values, including – Ancestor Worship, Animal Spirit Guides, Fate & More
  • Historical Development of The Norse Pagan Community – Viking Age, Expansion, Christianity & What The Future Holds
  • Explore The Various Pathways of Norse Paganism
  • Enter The Realms of The Norse Gods, Heroes & Mythical Creatures
  • Common Misconceptions + Norse Paganism in The Modern World
  • Norse Magick & Practices including Seiðr, Spædom & More + The Relevance of Runes, Ásatrú, Tarot & Astrology
  • Revealing Ancient Secrets From The Poetic Edda, Codex Regius & More (arguably the most important sources on Norse Mythology)
  • Learn About The Way of Fire & Ice – Ancient Living Traditions for Developing Spirituality & Guidance

And much, much more..

Don’t waste another minute, everything you need to know is one page away!

So get comfortable, turn the page, and get ready to be transported into a world of myth, magic, and adventure: the world of Norse Paganism.