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Roman History for Kids

Roman History for Kids


If you’re reading this part, well then HELLO! It’s very nice to meet you and now let us tell you what this book is about…..We’re sure you’re thinking, “What do you mean, ‘what is the book about’? Doesn’t the title say ‘Roman History?’

You’re absolutely right! It is indeed!

But we’re also going to explore the mythology, legends, heroes, epic stories and much more from Roman History. As you will discover, it is filled with inspiring stories and interesting facts which are great to read at bedtime or in the day.

Roman History is perfect to introduce to children of all ages;

  • It will help them to develop strong reading skills
  • It will introduce them to positive character traits
  • It will teach them about culture & history
  • It will unlock their imagination…,

At History Brought Alive we have a passion for everything from the past. The books we write are full of fun facts and even more fun stories that will make you think about the past in new and exciting ways!

Here is a small peek inside of what you will discover:

  • Tales of Power & Glory – The Seven Mighty Kings of Rome!
  • What It Was Like to Live in Ancient Rome?
  • Fun Activities for Kids to Learn about Roman History
  • The Gods on Earth – Meet the Divine Rulers of Ancient Rome!
  • The Brave Roman General Who Changed History (Julius Caesar)
  • Amazing Creations & Inventions inc, Art, Statues, Paintings and more
  • Myths & Legends of Ancient Rome + Heroes, Gods & Epic Adventures!
  • The END – Exploring The Mysterious Fall of The Mighty Empire

And much, much more….

Learn all about the History of the Roman Empire for Kids with This Book.