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The History of England

The History of England


From The Anglo-Saxons to Brexit via Conquests, Empire & World Wars

The Story of England began over a thousand years ago when it emerged from various Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms.

In 1066, at the Battle of Hastings, William successfully conquered England. His lineage would officially begin the monarchy that would remain through current times.

Over the long span of its history, England faced many enemies but by the strength of itself as a nation, it would continue to prevail. Considering its legacy and impact on the world, it comes as no surprise that stories about it are abundant.

In this book, we explore the magnificent history of England from its early origins to its place in the modern world. Inside you will discover poignant and factual information.

Join us on a journey through a fascinating and thrilling panorama of historical events!

Inside this book, you will discover

  • The History of England Timeline – 410 AD to present
  • Telling Tales, Myths & Legends – Robin Hood, King Arthur, Jack & The Beanstalk & many more
  • Parliament & Crown – discover the Royal Family’s Unique Role in Government
  • Kings & Queens, Henry VII, Queen Elizabeth II & many more
  • Magna Carta, explore the 800-year legacy of this world-famous document
  • Famous figures, Shakespeare, Winston Churchill, Charles Darwin (theory of evolution) & many more
  • The House of Tudor – how this iconic royal legacy shaped modern Britain
  • England stands alone, history & consequences of The Second World War
  • Brexit, Modern England & the decline of The British Empire

And much, much more…

Whether you’re a scholar, a casual reader, or someone who simply hopes to have an interesting conversational topic ready to go then this is a must-read for you.

Discover The History of England with This Book.