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The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire


The Roman Empire may have fallen thousands of years ago, but the lessons and the legacy left behind lives on to this day

From a tiny settlement on the banks of the Tiber River, Rome grew into a colossal, unstoppable force. At its peak, The Empire dominated the world from Europe, West Asia, North Africa, and many more territories. 

Never again would the world see such an influential power.

In this epic narrative, History Brought Alive presents an intriguing dive into Roman History, Legends, Facts, Myths and much more. Covering thousands of years the study of Roman history is vast and complex. Much like the Ancient Romans themselves, in order to study them, we need to follow structure and have an open mind.

By doing so, we can begin to unlock the secrets of The Roman Empire

In the first part of this book you will find;

  • The timeline of Roman history – How did it all begin? And how did it end?
  • Characters – Any serious study of Rome has to begin with a look at the Emperor’s, Gladiators and the Characters that shaped it’s destiny.
  • Life in Ancient Rome – What was it like?

Then, in part two and onwards you will find; 

  • Military – The Roman military was amongst the most powerful in the world. How did they get that way? The victory and defeat.
  • Mythology – Delve into the fascinating world of Roman mythology.
  • The fall of The Empire

All of this, and much, much more in an enjoyable to read format!

So if you’re looking for a definitive history of The Roman Empire, then this is the book!