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Roman Empire: Rise & The Fall


As a subscriber, we wish to introduce our latest audiobook which is on free promo from 7 – 12 July. 

In the first part of this book you will find;

The timeline of Roman history – How did it all begin? And how did it end? 

  • Characters – Any serious study of Rome has to begin with a look at the Emperor’s, Gladiators and the Characters that shaped it’s destiny.  
  • Life in Ancient Rome – What was it like? 

Then, in part two and onwards you will find; 

  • Military – The Roman military was amongst the most powerful in the world. How did they get that way? The victory and defeat.
  • Mythology – Delve into the fascinating world of Roman mythology.
  • The fall of The Empire 

All of this, and much, much more

The audio version currently on free promo from 7 – 12 July. 

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