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Roman’s Five Good Emperors

Not all Roman emperors were morally corrupt. What largely contributed to the stability of the Pax Romana was the succession of wise and stoic Roman emperors after the death of Caligula. These emperors were: Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninius Pius, and Marcus Aurelius, the final upright emperor of the Pax Romana. According to Five Good Emperors (n.d), there were small signs of weakness in the empire at this point, but they went largely unnoticed for many, many years. The evil Emperor Commodus, however, put an end to this era of Roman peace. Troubled times were to follow. In the early part of the 2nd century, however, things seemed to be going well. Rome was at the peak of her powers under the great Emperor Trajan. Her empire stretched to the fullest extent that it could, from Scotland in the north and west, to Babylonia in the east. This was in the year 117 AD. 

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