Find out more about The History of China, Japan and India

Welcome, Last chance! This week is a new free book launch,  “History of Asia (Bundle – 3 Books in 1)” These civilizations all feature a history rich in culture, legends, characters, and mythology and remain some of the most interesting in the world. In the pages that follow, you’ll find three books all with well-written […]

History of Asia (new & free book)

Welcome, This week is a new FREE book launch, “History of Asia (Bundle – 3 Books in 1)” History, Mythology & More From The World’s Most Interesting Civilizations Join us on a discovery from the ancient origins to the present days of the fascinating civilizations in Asia. Click here to download your FREE Copy. We […]

The History of India (new & free audiobook)

Welcome, This week is a new FREE audiobook launch, “The History of India” India Has a Rich History Covering Thousands of Years, Civilizations, The Rise of Religions & Empires, British Rule, Revolution, Independence, and much more… Reply to this email for your FREE download code. We would appreciate your review on Audible by August 15. […]