Native American History: The Zapotecs and European Contact

Unfortunately for the Indigenous Peoples of Mesoamerica, it was the Spaniards who first explored the area with the intent to discover and colonize. The Spaniards had a less diplomatic approach to colonization than the French and English did in the same era. Whereas the French and English initially sought to trade with and learn from […]

Native American History: The Bering Land Bridge Theory

Perhaps you are familiar with the Bering Land Bridge theory of how humans first migrated from Asia to the Americas. Until a few short years ago, when paleontologists discovered new artifacts, it was commonly believed and taught that humans first made their way to North America by following and hunting big game animals across a […]

Native Americans: Migration of Prehistoric Humans

The geographical world and environment of the ancient hominid species were vastly different from our world today, including the physical placement and locations of the continents and land on Earth. Scientists currently believe that when hominids were first evolving, all the continents on the planet were bunched together into one giant landmass called Pangea. The […]