Explore the History of the Old Norse Religion

Welcome, Last chance! This week is a new free Audiobook launch,  “Norse Paganism for Beginners” History Brought Alive provides you with a single credible source detailing Norse Paganism, its history, beliefs, people, and what it looks like in our modern world. This Audiobook has been written using a variety of scholarly articles and books containing […]

Explore The History of The Old Norse Religion

Hey there! As a subscriber we wish to introduce our new Audiobook “Norse Paganism for Beginners” – currently free. Let us take you back in time. When the Norse people lived in an enchanted and sacred world. A time famously shrouded in mystery, magic, and witchcraft. Norse Paganism has survived the centuries, the rise and […]

Norse Paganism for Beginners (new & free Audiobook)

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