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The Dreaded Moirai, the Fates of Greek Mythology

Moirae, also commonly known as the god of destiny in Greek mythology, represents the concept of destiny in the world of the ancient Greeks. It was common among the ancient Greeks to give form to gods who represented and explained abstract concepts.

However, in a way, destiny is not just a way of representing destiny, because they actually control it. In fact, they are responsible for controlling people’s lives in various ways from birth to death.

The three moirai or destiny represent the cycle of life, essentially representing birth, life and death. They spin (clotho), pull (lachesis) and cut (atropos) the thread of life.

Unlike Pauley, their siblings, and goddesses of seasons and other natural periods, who were always depicted as young and beautiful women, the ancient Morais were depicted as ugly old women. They are often portrayed as rigid, rigid and rigid, causing people to fear their own fate.


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