On June 21, 1948, hundreds of Caribbean men and women disembarked from a ship called the Emperor Windrush at Tilbury Quays. Many still believe that this event marked the first arrival of black people in Britain, but in fact people of African descent have been living in the country since Roman times.

October in the UK is Black History Month, a month dedicated to honouring the contributions of these people of African and Caribbean heritage to our country’s history. So let’s go back nearly two millennia to a time that witnessed the existence of the first known black people in Britain.

In order to get as close as possible to the full picture of the historical period, all sources must be put together as a whole, rather than listed individually.

Applying this logic, archaeological evidence and forensic findings reinforce the written historical records we have, showing that Africans above and below the Sahara have called Britain home since Roman times.


PIC: BBC, Blackpast, English heritage, The Guardian

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