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Timeless Tales Of Ancient Greece


History Brought Alive wishes to introduce to our latest Audio-book, “Greek Mythology: Explore The Timeless Tales Of Ancient Greece” 

*Last chance to download today*

In This Book You Will Discover

  • The Ancient Origins & Story of The Olympics 
  • Lessons From The 12 Labors of Hercules
  • How The Gods Played a Significant Role in All Aspects of Ancient Greek Society 
  • The Flight of Daedalus & Icarus – Discover One of The Most Famous Greek Myths 
  • Tales of The Most Legendary Monsters – Medusa, The Hydra, Typhon, Cerberus & More! 
  • Aphrodite – The Greek Goddess of Love, Sex, Beauty, and Fertility.
  • How Achilles’ Weak Heels Become Iconic until Now 
  • The Trojan War, Epic Battles & Facts
  • Pandora’s box, Finally The Ancient Mystery Revealed 

And much, much more…

Join us on an adventure to discover the path of Greek mythology and learn what life was like in Ancient Greece in This audio-book 

Last chance to download today

The audio version currently on free promo from 14 – 18 July

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