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Top Reason Why Greek Mythology is Still Relevant Today

There is a reason why mythological beliefs are still studied to this day. These myths were not just stories and epic tales, but were a guiding system of humanity for hundreds of years that provided lessons, morals, hope, and comfort, and played a crucial role in developing how we shaped modern thinking. 

If there is one subject of history that is still taught today and has stood the test of time, it is Greek mythology. Greek mythology is not just taught as a part of the literature curriculum in high school but also forms part of most history lessons to uncover the hidden secrets of humanity’s past.

Many people may be wondering how mythology as ancient as Greek mythology still lingers in the world’s collective mind. Many may view the ancient Greek myths as nothing more than stories that were told thousands of years ago and believe they hold no value in modern society. However, if you stop and look at the vast amount of influence Greek mythology has had on popular culture such as in countless movies, TV shows, and books it quickly becomes clear that Greek mythology still fascinates the modern world. 

Throughout our book, we will highlight why the Greek myths have withstood the test of time, still remain relevant, and will remain relevant for centuries to come. 

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