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Vikings and The Influence of Christianity

It was about the time of the turn of the millennium when the first seeds of Christianity began to be sewn into the Viking culture. In 995, King Olav Tryggvasson constructed the first church on Norwegian soil. He survived being gravely injured in battle, and then returned to Norway where he attempted to introduce Christianity to the region. He might have been amongst the first Viking converts to the religion. In the year 1000, Christianity officially arrived in Iceland and Greenland when a chieftain known as King Olav took it upon himself to try and proselytize and convert fellow chieftains. He imposed trade embargoes upon those who refused to convert.

Christianity was one of the major issues that affected the development of the Viking way of life and way of thinking. A king named Haakon the Good attempted to spread Christianity to the mainland Viking community after his experiences in England, but he was unable to make much headway. King Harald Greycloak attempted to force the Vikings to acknowledge the Christian God by destroying all Viking pagan temples, but he encountered strong resistance from the people and communities that he tried to convert.

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