Welcome to The World of Norse Magic & Runes

Hello there,

We wish to introduce you to our new book “Norse Magic & Runes” 

This will be available for just 0.99 cents from 6-11 September. 

Let us take you back in time. When the Norse people lived in an enchanted and sacred world. A time famously shrouded in mystery, magic, sorcery, and witchcraft.

It was Odin himself, the wisest God who unlocked the universe’s most powerful magic. He discovered the Runic alphabet as part of his trial, in which he hung from Yggdrasil, the World Tree, for nine days.

Nowadays, Runes & Norse Magic are used as a method of connecting to one’s higher self. Or as a way of foretelling what the future may hold. Now don’t worry because you don’t have to be of Norse ancestry to use them. However, you’ll have a far better understanding of them, history, mythology, meanings, and more through reading this book.

Currently just 0.99 cents (ends 11 September)

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to The World of Norse Magic & Runes”

  1. Don’t buy this book

    Lol do not buy this book if you wanted to see the runes laid out visually. There’s a huge typo in this book in the tunic divination section where every single rune is pictured as the same symbol. There is no visual representation of what each one looks like because they have all been given the same picture. The only reason I spent $20 on this book was for runes and you couldn’t be bothered to proofread the copy and paste mistake that was clearly the reason for the bit art symbols to end up being the exact same one for each rune. Like how disrespectful to the craft of divination. Did you enjoy making your money? Reprint the book and don’t be lazy this time.

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