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What about The Ogdoad?

Let me tell you about the Eightfold, or Ogdoad, who existed from primordial times and were worshipped from antiquity. The Ogdoad was a group of primordial gods and goddesses who embodied the qualities or characteristics of the primordial chaos from which arose the benben, or primeval mound of creation. The word primordial refers to a time before time and space, an indefinite period before the world’s creation. The central location for their worship was initially called Eight Town but was later changed to Hermopolis Magna (Pinch, 2004). The Eightfold is therefore often referred to as the Ogdoad of Hermopolis. The Ogdoad consisted of four male deities and their female counterparts, each pair representing a particular quality of the primordial chaos. Bob Brier maintains that, concerning myths and the deities they involve, we know that they are not meant to be taken literally, but we can understand the realities they represent (Brier, 1999). So, for example, one of the divine pairs of the Ogdoad is the god Nun and his counterpart Nunet, who personify the primordial waters out of which the mound arose.

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