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What Were the Greek Myths?

To many people the ancient Greek myths will simply only be viewed as epic tales of the Greek pantheon gallivanting around the earth, going on crazy adventures, and achieving all sorts of supernatural feats. This is true, but only on the surface. If you only view these tales with tunnel vision, then you will only believe them to be ancient fairytales. However, if you look beyond the bloody tales, epic battles, and the supernatural, you will see that these myths are more than simple legends. A deeper look will help you uncover the lessons, morals, philosophies, and even warnings that these myths taught the ancient Greek world and quite honestly still teaches modern civilization to this day.

Take note that very few of these stories have happy endings, which is something the world has become very accustomed to today. There are often no happy endings in Greek mythology as they were not stories that were written for the purpose of entertainment. Instead, they were stories to teach, understand the world, and a model for ancient Greeks to ensure their actions were in line with. 

These stories, or myths, were not designed to tell a story for the sake of telling a story, but, instead, played a crucial role in ancient Greek society to impart knowledge from generation to generation. The stories open windows for us to see into the past and their lessons are still true today. It allows us to catch a glimpse of what the lives of the ancient Greek populace were like back then.

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