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Why Is Greek Mythology Still Studied?

The truth is reading and hearing about Greek mythology and the ancient myths is one thing, however, studying the matter is another. Thus, the question that many may have is why are these mythological beliefs still being studied in the 21st century? The answer is to learn. Plainly put and said, we still study Greek mythology in the 21st century as we want to know how the Ancient Greeks lived. Studying to understand how the Ancient Greeks lived is no different than an anthropologist studying how the Khoi-san people of South Africa live. We study ancient cultures not only to understand the culture but to learn from them too.

After all, after studying a culture as progressive as the ancient Greeks and breaking down how they lived and what they believed in, you really can’t help but learn a thing or two. These myths are time capsules. They show the modern human how humanity’s concept 0f the world compares to their own. It allows 21st-century humans to glance at the past, see what the ancient Greeks considered important, how their civilization operated, what their moral compass looked like, and how they viewed the world with extremely limited scientific explanations they had access to. What’s more, studying ancient Greek myths has helped us understand classic literature. Greek mythology has also contributed to and influenced many box office hits, TV shows, modern literature, comics, and more.

It has been said by experts that by studying or even simply reading Greek mythology, people tend to have more control of their actions and utilize more rational thinking before they act due to the teachings of the myths (Smith, 2020). This is an interesting claim as many of the Greek myths communicate tales about how humanity’s stupidity, follies, and hubris constantly lands humankind in danger. Perhaps being versed in the myths makes you second guess your actions’ consequences. What is ironic is that people to this day still tend to be guided by foolishness, give in to temptation, make selfish or stupid decisions, and possess excessive pride despite the warnings and teachings of Greek mythology. It is quite humorous to witness just how accurately the ancient Greek myths still capture the essence of human behavior and is relevant to how 21st-century human behaves.

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