World War II ‘Ghost Boat’ Revealed In Drought-Stricken California Lake, Leaving Experts Baffled

As many parts of the western United States face a prolonged drought, some objects that once lurk beneath the surface of lakes and rivers are showing themselves to the world. And now, a rusted old boat used during World War II has inexplicably been found in a lake in Northern California.

The 36-foot landing craft is so well preserved that it looks like it sank during a beach landing. Experts now refer to the old Higgins ship as a “ghost ship,” and while the discovery itself is intriguing, how the ship originally got into Lake Shasta remains a mystery.

As strange as these findings are, they are also a stark reminder of the impact of climate change on the natural environment. For example, federal data shows that Shasta County is experiencing its driest year on record, based on data from the past 128 years.

It’s true that severe droughts around the world are bringing long-lost artifacts, relics, and even entire cities — but are the environmental costs worth it?


PIC: All that’s interesting, KRCR, Monrovia now